Ninety-six percent of the vouchers Navigate processes are paid on time. Navigate has a very successful track record in Federal and State Contracting due, in part, to what we call the “Triple-Check Advantage.”

Triple-Check Advantage™

Navigate deploys three levels of review:

  • Check One: Navigate’s experienced team of Voucher Specialists manually inputs and reviews the information to ensure the data balances out.
  • Check Two: Navigate’s software automatically checks the data, making sure all information has been entered correctly to process voucher payments.
  • Check Three: Navigate’s superb Quality Control Team (QC) completes a final review. QC will kick out any vouchers with discrepancies. This forces the tri-level checks and balances to restart.

However, this is a rare occurrence. As previously stated, 96% of our vouchers are paid on time. Factors for the remaining four-percent are completely dependent on the property owner. Did they submit on time? Did they submit at all?

Navigate’s proactive approach to ongoing quality control has efficiently facilitated the continuing success and compliance of housing contracts.