Our mission is to invest in communities, provide quality housing options, and offer services to benefit the entire housing industry.

We believe in housing affordability for all, and we’re starting in Birmingham’s North Titusville neighborhood.

People need quality, livable housing options

No matter your income bracket, everyone deserves quality housing they can afford.


Navigate Affordable Housing Partners is a Birmingham-based nonprofit that actively works to enhance all aspects of the housing industry to ensure that people have access to quality, livable housing choices. We develop, own, and manage housing properties and serve as a federal government contractor and consultant to housing agencies. 

Community Development

We are investing in long-term sustainable community development to revitalize communities. 

We are starting in Birmingham’s North Titusville neighborhood. 

Quality Housing

We own and manage quality, livable affordable housing properties in Birmingham.

Government Contracting

We are a premier Performance-Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  

We offer a number of professional services like EIV training, RAD training, and Nspire & REAC Training.

“Navigate Gives Back”

We give back to the community to empower people. 

The Navigate Team donates time and funding to nonprofits, schools, and government agencies in the Birmingham Metro.

5th Ave holdings LLC

What was once “Center Court Apartments” in North Titusville is now “5th and Center.” The nearly uninhabitable units have been demolished. Subsidiary 5th Avenue Holdings, LLC will build new, livable housing on the site. Learn more about Fifth and Center.

Marc steel

The Marc Steel property was developed in the late 1800s as a steel foundry and manufacturing center. It’s a large space with a lot of potentials. Subsidiary Marc Steel Holding, LLC will develop this property. Learn more about The New Marc Steel.

Work Walk Live

As an advocate for Housing Affordability for All, we are raising awareness and starting the conversation here in Birmingham, Alabama around the need for Workforce Housing. Join the conversation at WorkWalkLive™.

Ready to get to know Navigate better?

  • We have more than 200 years of combined expertise in housing affordability  
  • Our team is always personable and ready to help  
  • As a nonprofit, we prioritize giving  
  • We adapt quickly to the changing housing industry  
  • We believe in creating housing affordability for all  
  • Navigate is the premiere, high-performing, performance-based contract administrator for the HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)