I received a rent increase that is effective 5/15/2015. Can I apply that to my June voucher?

Yes, with the TRACS 202D changes you may now apply a rent change effective up to the voucher date on that month’s voucher. For example: a 8/1/2015 rent change could be applied to the August 2015 voucher that is completed in July. You will find more information on this TRACS 202D MAT User’s Guide, Appendix H. Remember, rents must be fully executed before claiming them on a voucher. A fully executed rent schedule means it has passed all the checks needed – all signatures are in place including the property and Navigate officials, HUD has approved and funded the change by allocating the increased funds to the account. It is only then that the rents are eligible to be claimed on the voucher. If you are unsure, please contact your assigned Accounting Specialist.

I have a tenant that did not recertify and now I need to terminate them. What is the effective date of the Termination?

Most of all Terminations are effective on the last day of the month; however, there are times when the date could be another day but those cases are few. In this example the Termination date would be the last day of the month prior to when the Annual was due. for example: A 5/1 Annual is due so the Termination would be effective 4/30.

I have a tenant already residing on property that now qualifies for the Section 8 Housing program. Should I complete an Interim or Initial certification to do this?

An Initial is the certification type you should use. Initial certifications are done to place tenants already living on the property on the subsidized program. An Interim is done when a tenant already receiving subsidy has a change in family composition or an increase/decrease of $200 or more a month in income. Section 2 of Chapter 7 in HUD Guidebook 4350.3 Rev-1 Chg. 3 explains in detail the guidelines for processing an Interim.

I have a tenant that turned in a 30-day notice to vacate on May 1st, but they actually moved out on May 12th. Will my Move Out date be May 31st since that is the end of 30 days?

No, the Move Out date would be the actual date the tenant vacates the unit. Chapter 9, E-1, of HUD Handbook 4350.3 talks about partial month occupancies and will provide you with more information should you need it.

I have an EIV income discrepancy that has resulted in a repayment agreement totaling $3,250. Can I enter this as an offset on my monthly HAP voucher?

Yes, you must create the Repayment Agreement in your software and assign it a unique Agreement Id. Submit the reversal through the Repayment Agreements section of your monthly HAP voucher. This entry should be a positive amount, $3,250 in this case. As the tenant makes monthly payments to you, you would return those as monthly HAP voucher in the Repayment Agreement section under the same Agreement Id assigned when the agreement was created in your software. Please reference MAT User’s Guide Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 for additional information.

My bank account has changed and I need to update it. What should I do?

An updated SF 1199-A Direct Deposit form is required to make the change. You will find the form and instructions for completing it under the Direct Deposit Instructions section of this website. Complete the form and submit it along with a cancelled check or bank letter to DeAnna Baker at dbaker@navigatehousing.com

My property is being sold. What do I need to do?

Immediately report the sale to the Lead Contract Management Specialist and the Lead Voucher Specialist. They will need updated contact information and the following documents to facilitate the changeover:

Management Certification

1199-A Direct Deposit form

HAP Assignment and Assumption Amendment Agreement.

My property now has a new management agent. What do I do?

Immediately report the change to the Lead Contract Management Specialist and the Lead Voucher Specialist. They will need updated contact information as well as the HUD or RD approved Management Certification and potentially an updated direct deposit form.

Special Claims FAQ

When do I submit my claim?

Both regular vacancy and unpaid rent/tenant damage claims should be submitted to Navigate within 180 days of the unit ready date. The unit ready date is the day after all work in the unit (turning the unit) has been completed.

When does a vacancy period start when filing for a regular vacancy claim?

The date the unit is ready for occupancy.

When does the vacancy period end?

Either, when the unit has been re-rented or 60 days.

When is the unit “ready for occupancy?”

The unit ready date is the day after all work in the unit has been completed.

Where can I find HUD’s Special Claims FAQ’s?
Where can I find the checklist for special claim submission?

There are two checklists, one for vacancy claims and one for damages/unpaid rents.

The vacancy special claims checklist can be found in Appendix 3 of the special claims processing guide:

The unpaid rent/damages special claims checklist can be found in Appendix 5 of the special claims processing guide:

How many days do I have after a tenant moves out to submit a special claim?

The claim must be submitted within 180 days from the date is ready for occupancy.

What do I do if my claim is returned to me for being incomplete?

If you receive a letter saying your claim packet is incomplete, simply send the requested data to Navigate within 30 calendar days of the date of the incomplete package letter. The incomplete package letter will provide you with details regarding the information that is needed. Note: if the requested data is not received within 30 calendar days, then the claim will be denied and is ineligible for appeal in accordance with HUD regulations.

What if I disagree with the denial or adjustment of a claim?

You have 30 days from the date you were notified of our decision to appeal. You may submit missing document and/or further documentation so the decision may be reviewed. If adequate support is provided, we may change our initial determination.

Remember you are only allowed one submission, one resubmission and one appeal so please read our cover letter stating exactly what is needed to process the claim.

When do I request payment for my claim?

Ideally, you should request payment on your next voucher but you must request payment within 90 days of the approval letter. You will need to enter the claim amount on your voucher and include the 14 digit Special Claim ID number that was listed on your approval letter.