Instructions for submitting a Direct Deposit Form (1199A):

Complete each Section as follows:

Direct Deposit Form

Section 1 (To be completed by Payee)

  1. A.  Name of Payee, address and telephone #
  2. Property Name
  3. Contract # & Owner’s TIN #
  4. Type of Depositor Account – (Checking or Savings)
  5. Depositor Account #
  6. Type of Payment – Check Other and enter Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)
  7. Original Payee signature and date

Section 2

Government Agency Name – Navigate Affordable Housing Partners

Government Agency Address – 1827 1st Avenue North, Suite 100, Birmingham, AL 35203

Section 3 (To be completed by the Financial Institution)

Original signature of the Bank Representative, signature date, printed name and phone #

1199A’s submitted to Navigate must be accompanied by a voided check.

*Electronic copies of 1199A’s are acceptable and may be emailed to; however, an original must be mailed.

Please visit the Resources Center for a copy of this HUD form.