Unsheltered Homelessness Funding Opportunity

Posted On: June 23, 2022

Chris Shirley

Millions of Americans experience unsheltered homelessness each year. HUD defines an unsheltered homeless person as someone who sleeps in places not meant for human habitation like cars, parks, sidewalks, or on the street. The Biden Administration announced the $365 million package, including grants and vouchers. The vouchers will also enhance communities’ ability to connect people experiencing homelessness with housing, healthcare, and other support services.

Moreover, the announcement is the latest in ongoing efforts to curb America’s homelessness crisis. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge applauds the unsheltered homelessness announcement. She says, “With this funding, communities will have the resources to scale up coordinated efforts to humanely and effectively move people from encampments into homes by linking homeless outreach with health care, treatment, and housing.” 

Similarly, other leaders agree the unsheltered homeless funding opportunity is critical to help this growing segment of the population. “Access to a safe place to call home is essential to health and well-being,” says Xavier Becerra, the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary. Becerra also says the Biden-Harris Administration is committed to working across the federal government to end homelessness by ensuring access to health care, support services, and permanent housing for all Americans.”

unsheltered homelessness

Unsheltered Homelessness: What’s in the package?

Although affordable housing remains an issue, this plan outlines how it will get help to those who need it the most. Specifically, $322 million of the unsheltered homelessness funding will go towards  Continuum of Care Program grants. In general, the grant opportunities can fund homeless outreach, permanent housing, and supportive services. Part of the funds will go towards a comprehensive approach to solving unsheltered homelessness. $54.5 million will specifically help the unsheltered homeless in rural areas. Finally, $43 million will fund 4,000 New Incremental Housing Choice Vouchers. Click Here to learn more about Housing Choice vouchers.


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