SIP Housing Construction: Rapid, Affordable, and Sustainable in Birmingham’s Goldwire Heights

Posted On: June 13, 2023

Ebony Hall, Director of Marketing & Communications
We’re working with P. Allen Smith of Extreme Panel Technologies. You may know him from his popular garden shows on PBS.

There’s a revolution in SIP housing construction happening right now, and it’s taking place in Birmingham, Alabama. The Goldwire Heights Subdivision in the historic North Titusville neighborhood is at the center of it all, with two cutting-edge Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) houses being constructed in just four days! This remarkable speed isn’t merely a race against time. It’s a testament to the long-term affordability, sustainability, innovation, and durability of SIP housing construction, proving that rapid housing deployment can effectively meet the rising demand for housing.

This is the first fully SIP home built in Birmingham, Alabama- if not the state of Alabama.

Our partners Extreme Panel Technologies and Locke General Contractors, hit the ground running. Monday morning saw the floor set in just about two hours, while the rest of the day was dedicated to erecting the walls. By the time dusk rolled in, the top plates were all set, and we were ready for the ridge beam. Anticipating the three to four-hour process for the roof installation on Tuesday, we couldn’t help but marvel at the pace of construction. In just two days, the whole structure was up and insulated. This kind of speed is unheard of in conventional stick frame builds.

The fast-paced progress didn’t come at the expense of quality or efficiency. SIP housing construction allows for insulation to be installed as the structure is built. Extreme Panel’s Perry Penske describes it as sort of a “Think of it like closing the lid on a “Yeti cooler;” once it’s shut, the cool stays in, and the heat stays out. In a climate like Birmingham’s, where the heat can be extreme, this kind of energy efficiency is essential. More than that, it contributes to the long-term affordability of these homes. A well-insulated home means less energy spent on cooling, thereby reducing the cost of ownership for the end-user.

With the roof slated to be done today, we are on track to meet our ambitious timeline. Despite the threat of rain, spirits remained high. After all, it’ wasn’t’s not just about the houses we were building; it’s about showcasing a new and sustainable way of meeting the demand for affordable housing. It’s about proving that innovative solutions can and will address long-standing challenges. And most importantly, it’s about the joy of creating something truly meaningful for the residents of Goldwire Heights.

As we step into Day Three, there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. The houses are taking shape, and so is the future of sustainability. With this SIP housing, it’s an exciting time to be in Birmingham.

We’re changing the game, one SIP panel at a time. And we’re just getting started.



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