There’s no doubt that Richmond, VA has a rich history. The city has deep roots in the American journey and experience, with cultural landmarks and historical sites at almost every turn.

Richmond’s Rich History

Patrick Henry, the famed patriotic orator, gave his well-known “Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death” speech at St. John’s Church. Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers and the U.S.’s third president, designed Richmond’s capitol building. If the name Pocahontas rings a bell, it also holds significance in Richmond’s heritage: the Powhatan princess lived in the Richmond region, and is noted for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

The Richmond, VA of Today

Today’s Richmond, VA’s vast tourism centers largely around the birth and growth of the infantile U.S. But the city has seen its share of growth as well. The state capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia caters to all stripes of citizens—and that’s where Navigate Affordable Housing Partners lives and thrives: with the city’s citizens.

The Navigate Affordable Housing Partners Approach

Navigate’s nonprofit status lends itself to a number of housing sectors and opportunities: community development, urban development, housing assistance, housing properties, consulting for the housing industry, and more. Even with all this, our guiding mission remains largely the same—ongoing investment into the Richmond, VA community, with housing as a keystone.

Our Work in Richmond, VA

As a housing authority and nonprofit, our work heavily revolves around—you guessed it—housing. But, much like our other locations, our Richmond, VA team takes on a bundle of roles.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

The Richmond, VA team is led by Tim Shearer, who serves as the Contract Administration Coordinator for the entire Commonwealth. The team deals with Management and Occupancy Reviews (MOR) on a regular basis, and fields resident complaints and concerns as they arise. Not only that: the Richmond, VA office helps answer questions about HUD compliance, occupancy issues, and more, providing vital information.

Where We’re Tracking for Richmond, VA

With the cost of living constantly creeping up, affordable housing can feel out of reach for many in our communities, even a single-bed apartment. And the people that need housing the most are most hurt by the lack of livable housing choices, community services, and urban development. Our services seek to remedy this ongoing crisis in affordable housing. Our services seek to address community services by lending a helping hand. In 2020, as part of our COVID-19 Response, Navigate Gives Back donated $15,000 to United Way of Richmond/Petersburg. NGB donated another $125,000 United Way for rent and mortgage assistance for households at risk of eviction.

The Mission That Guides Our Services

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners isn’t solely about linking inexpensive housing options to those most in need: we’re about helping to change lives for the better. We see it this way—living in a place that’s livable and sustainable in the long run benefits communities, including Richmond, VA, overall, from the ground up. To see our mission and values even closer, learn what we’re all about—and what we do organization-wide.