Renters Bill of Rights Announced

Posted On: January 27, 2023

Chris Shirley, Marketing Specialist

The Biden-Harris Administration recently announced the Renters Bill of Rights. These principles will help protect renters across America. The administration hopes to eliminate practices that prevent people from accessing affordable housing and prevent unethical rental increases.

Renters Bill of Rights

Included in the announcement, The Blueprint for the Renters Bill of Rights, defines the key protection all renters deserve.

  • Safe, Quality, Accessible, and Affordable Housing: Renters should have access to housing that is safe, decent, and affordable.
  • Clear and Fair Leases: Renters should have a clear and fair lease that has defined rental terms, rights, and responsibilities.
  • Education, Enforcement, and Enhancement of Renter Rights: Federal, state, and local governments should do all they can to ensure renters know their rights. Agencies should also protect renters from unlawful discrimination and exclusion.
  • The Right to Organize: Renters should have the freedom to organize without obstruction or harassment from their housing provider or property manager.
  • Eviction Prevention, Diversion, and Relief: Renters should be able to access resources that help them avoid eviction, ensure the legal process during an eviction proceeding is fair, and avoid future housing instability.

Advocates like The National Low Income Housing Coalition praise the efforts.

There is a power imbalance in our housing system that tilts heavily in favor of landlords at the expense of low-income and other marginalized renters, putting families at greater risk of housing instability and homelessness and fueling racial inequity.”

Diane Yentel – CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

According to The White House, the Renters Bill of Rights is long overdue. Experts say nearly 35% of the U.S. population lives in rental housing. They say evictions were high before the COVID-19 pandemic, and rental housing has become even less affordable. Some landlords have also been accused of taking advantage of market conditions to raise rent prices. The Biden-Harris Administration’ action will hold those accountable. The administration expects The Housing Supply Action plan will also ease prices as more affordable options are under construction.

Meanwhile, advocates like Yentel say the Renters Bill of Rights is temporary. She tells CNBC the deeper issues need to be address. Yentel points to building more affordable housing, creating permanent emergency and universal rental assistance, and establishing robust tenant protections.


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