The Navigate Contract Management Specialist (CMS) Department was created to process all contract renewals and rent adjustments. To avoid delays in subsidy payments, contract renewal paperwork is due 120 days before contract expiration. For MAHRA multi-year HAP Contracts, properties are entitled to an annual rent increase on their anniversary effective date. Your Navigate CMS will send a reminder letter 190 and 150 days before contract/funding expiration. At 140 days before contract/funding expiration, your CMS will begin to contact you weekly to remind you of the paperwork due. If you are renewing your contract, please begin to prepare your renewal paperwork including a Utility Analysis (UA), if applicable, once these notices are received. For rent adjustments, if the property is eligible to receive the auto-OCAF, your CMS will send you an auto-OCAF letter to review, accept and return the auto-OCAF letter along with a UA submission, if applicable. If you are not eligible for an auto-OCAF, you will receive a 150 reminder letter and weekly emails requesting a rent increase submission package. For pre-MAHRA properties still in the original HAP contract, you can submit a rent adjustment request to Navigate in accordance with your HAP contract or use agreement. The renewals section of our website contains everything needed to submit a contract renewal or rent adjustment request. If you have additional questions, please contact your Contract Management Specialist.

Our Resource Center contains guidebooks, manuals, forms, calculation worksheets, and Navigate presentations to assist you in completing a renewal or rent adjustment request.