Region IV Environmental Training

Posted On: September 20, 2022

This HUD Region IV Environmental Training will be provided via Microsoft Teams over three sessions on the following dates and times:

Upcoming Events

This is the first in a training series covering the review process at 24 CFR Part 58. If you are relatively new to performing environmental reviews, this training may be helpful. Programs and activities subject to this part include:

  • CDBG
  • certain homeless programs
  • HOME
  • and more

According to HUD, future events in this Region IV Environmental Training series will focus on individual laws and authorities under 24 CFR 58.5 and 58.6. The training will include examples of analyzing and documenting compliance determinations.  HUD will send the dates for future training sessions to all who attend or register for this session.

HUD environmental training, Region IV Environmental Training

HUD Region IV includes:


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