Recommended Topics for Tenant Selection Plans

Posted On: January 30, 2024

In this week’s #TuesdayTip, we review the HUD recommended topics to include in Tenant Selection Plans.

While HUD recommends these topics, owners and agents can also make recommended topics requirements of their tenant selection plans. In addition, please remember revisions to these plans are required to stay in HOTMA compliance. Please see the following recommendations:


  1. Applicant Notification and Opportunity to Supplement Information:
    • Clear, responsive communication is essential to creating positive relationships with potential tenants.
  2. Procedures for Identifying Applicant Needs
    • list features of accessible units or reasonable accommodations. This is not only a legal obligation but also a commitment to inclusivity.
  3. Updating the Waiting List:
    • Establish procedures for staying on the waiting list.
  4. Policy for Notifying Applicants of Changes:
    • Be sure to outline how applicants are informed about changes in the Tenant Selection Plan.
  5. Procedures for Assigning Accessible Units:
    • Develop procedures to designate units with originally constructed design features for persons with physical disabilities are appropriately assigned
  6. Charges for Facilities Services and Damages:
    • Be sure Tenant Selection Plans clearly define policies regarding charges for services and damages caused by residents.
  7. Security Deposit Requirements and Distribution:
    • requirements for security deposits should be clearly outlined in Tenant Selection Plans.
  8. Unit and Pest Inspections:
    • detail protocols for inspections of units. Also, detail protocols for pest prevention and inspection.
  9. Annual Recertification Requirements:
    • Tenant Selection Plans should also clearly outline annual recertification requirements on property.
  10. Interim Recertification Reporting Policies:
    • Additionally, rewrites to Tenant Selection Plans should include recertification reporting details.
  11. Notice of Time Implementation of House Rule Changes:
    • Advance notice of changes to House Rules.
  12. Weapons on Property:
    • Policies related to weapons on the property
  13. Persons Not on the Lease Living in the Unit:
    • procedures for dealing with individuals not on the lease residing in a unit



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