Rapid Tests Website Launched

Posted On: January 18, 2022

Chris Shirley

The website where Americans can order free COVID-19 rapid tests is now fully online. On Tuesday, some were able to order tests early during the website’s beta phase. The government’s latest move comes as cases soar nationwide. The highly contagious Omicron variant of the virus is fuels the latest global surge in cases.

Rapid Tests

The World Health Organization says global cases of Omicron jumped 20 percent in one week. Worse, they say this won’t be the last variant.

“Most of what we’ve seen so far in areas of uncontrolled transmission has been we paid a price for the variants that emerge and new uncertainties we have to manage as we go forward.”

Dr. Bruce Aylward – World Health Organization

Moreover, The Who urges public health measures, such as masks and physical distancing, stay in place. As for the shortage of rapid tests, several things are behind it but the biggest is demand for COVID-19 testing. The high demand is one of the driving factors behind the new website to get more home tests into American households.

How to Get Free Rapid Tests?

The government website allows people to order up to four rapid tests. There is no cost and tests ship directly to your household. Biden Administration officials say once a request is made through the website, the tests are expected to ship within seven to 12 days. Requests are limited to four tests per household, regardless of household size. The Federal Government also plans to start a hotline number to request tests, but did not say when it would launch. Those with private insurance can buy rapid tests and be reimbursed. You can learn more about the reimbursement process here.

In light of the surge in cases it is worth property managers and owners revisiting COVID-19 Pandemic Procedures. You should also review the CDC’s latest Quarantine Guidelines and share the Free Rapid Tests website with staff and residents.

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