Proclamation for National Homeownership Month

Posted On: June 2, 2022

Chris Shirley

The White House recognizes the goal of owning a home each June with National Homeownership Month. President Joe Biden notes that housing is an increasing challenge in this year’s proclamation.

 Every American should be able to afford to rent or own a home of their own.  Yet across the country, the price of housing — both for renters and homebuyers — is increasing, making it harder for people to find an affordable home.

You may recall that President Biden recently revealed his Housing Supply Action Plan. The plan’s goal is to make affordable housing more accessible across the country. In addition to more housing options, President Biden also vows to work with the Federal Reserve to give the space to fight record inflation. Currently, record inflation rates fuel record prices for rent and rising mortgage rates.

Proclamation for National Homeownership Month.

Presidential Proclamation: Closing America’s Housing Gap

As the President reaffirms his commitment to affordable housing, he also points to the housing gap in communities of color. Specifically, the proclamation points out that homeownership creates generational wealth that many Americans have not accessed.

“My Administration is committed to ending unlawful housing discrimination and advancing equity for underserved communities.  Toward that aim, we have launched an aggressive effort to combat racial discrimination in housing.”

Finally, the proclamation will ensure all Americans receive a fair property appraisal. Earlier this year, Biden revealed the Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity Action Plan. The pave action plan is the most wide-ranging set of Federal reforms in history to ensure that a person’s skin color does not determine the value of their home. Navigate Affordable Housing Partner works to advance housing choice. We believe that well-built, livable, and quality housing is essential for every person. We are on a mission to not only make housing affordability a reality but the norm. Anyone who experiences discrimination or other fair housing violations can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.



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