Are you ready for the REAC Inspector?

Posted On: January 31, 2017

Have you been preparing for the next visit from a REAC Inspector? Are you ready? We’re closing out our series on Resolutions and Goal Setting on your property. Watch the video for some helpful tips.

Special attention should be directed at any possible “Exigent Health & Safety” deficiency that may be found. They are:

  • Propane, natural, or methane gas leaks
  • Exposed wires or open electrical panels
  • Water leaks on or near electrical equipment
  • Blocked or unusable emergency or fire exits
  • Blocked fire escapes or ladders
  • Missing or misaligned chimney for gas-fired water heater or HVAC unit
  • Window security bars preventing exit
  • Expired fire extinguishers
  • Inoperative or missing smoke detectors

There’s something liberating about passing a REAC inspection, but in 2017, how will you react when a REAC Inspector comes your way? Our hope is that you’ll be prepared when a HUD Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspector visits your property. A low score or a failing score means they come back more often than they should have to, and no one wants that. Please check out our previous post “8 REAC Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again.

Please take a look at HUD’s Revised Dictionary of Deficiency Definitions. With proper preparation and maintenance, you can avoid low or bad READ scores.

Hey!  We’ve also got “10 AWESOME tips to get you ready for REAC!” Download it now.


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