Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

Navigate’s RAD Services

Specifically, Navigate offers Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program consulting that covers a myriad of related services.  Those services include:

  1. Developer

    Navigate assists PHAs with strategic planning and portfolio re-engineering.  This includes helping the PHA determine the appropriate private debt and equity tools for the long term preservation and improvement of their properties

  2. Asset Management Training

    Navigate offers thorough training consisting of a chapter-by-chapter review of various HUD occupancy manuals, Fair Housing, and new HUD policies and procedures when issued.

  3. RAD Transition Services

    Navigate offers transition services consisting of readiness audits and compliance reviews.  This helps Navigate determine if the PHA’s policies, procedures and day to day operations are in compliance with HUD regulations and any other RAD requirements

  4. Occupancy Policy Development

    Navigate assists the PHA by drafting basic occupancy policies (Tenant Selection Plan, Grievance Procedures, House Rules, Limited English Proficiency, etc.)

  5. Occupancy Policy Helpdesk (The Compass)

    Navigate offers this service for PHAs that:

    • Have closed their RAD deal and are now operating on the multifamily platform;
    • are in the queue to enter into the RAD program; OR
    • current Multifamily property owners and management agents.

Navigate has already been engaged as a RAD consultant/developer, and we have provided training, occupancy policy development and helpdesk functions to three Alabama PHAs.

HUD started RAD to allow housing agencies like yours to leverage public and private debt and equity so that you can reinvest it in public housing.  HUD considers this to be critical due to a $25.6-billion backlog of capital improvements in public housing.2

“In RAD, units move to a Section 8 platform with a long-term contract that, by law, must be renewed,” HUD explains on its website. “This ensures that the units remain permanently affordable to low-income households.”

While you transition to a Section 8 model, why not call on our RAD Experts?  Let us help you leverage debt and equity that will consequently make a difference in your tenants’ lives.