We have a number of consulting services to help your organization thrive.

Strategic Planning

Navigate can look at the overall structure of your organization and help you strategically plan the next 5 to 10 years.

Business Process Analysis

Let Navigate look at each of the departments within your organization.  We can to determine efficiencies, output and the quality of customer service.  Navigate can then offer solutions for improvement.

Compliance Reviews

Navigate can review your compliance department, if there is one, and ensure that the work product is accurate and timely.

Financial Analysis and Planning

Instead of using accounting for subsidy, account for the bottom line!  Let Navigate help youmake sure that all revenue is maximized while all expenses are trimmed.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) Management

Navigate can assist you with HCV Management either in part or in its entirety.  This includes application processing, waiting list management, Fair Housing compliance, landlord payments and more.


We offer training on Fair Housing, Occupancy, Business Processes, etc.  Navigate can train your PHA staff in person in a classroom setting or online.

Helpdesk Function : “The Compass”

We offer a help desk for a variety of program types and agencies.