New Eviction Ban Ordered

Posted On: August 4, 2021

Chris Shirley

Update: The Supreme Court threw out the eviction ban 08/26/21

New Eviction Ban Ordered

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new eviction ban. As a result, the new moratorium will now last through October 3rd. The latest move from the Biden Administration comes amid criticism that vulnerable people could lose their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new eviction ban will keep millions at home as the dangerous Delta variant spreads.

Specifically, The Associated Press reports the new eviction ban will cover areas where 90% of the U.S. population lives. In addition, the ban will cover counties with “substantial and high levels” of virus transmissions. The reversal comes after President Biden allowed the original eviction ban to expire on July 31st. At the time, Biden said a Supreme Court ruling prevented another extension. Biden added that even if this new eviction ban is challenged in court “will probably give some additional time” for cities and states to release additional aid.

Additionally, The White House says state and local governments have been slow to send out Federal aid, and they are pushing them to get it out quickly. The CDC cites the slow rollout of aid as justification for the new ban. In like manner, Biden insists Federal aid to the tune of $47 million is still available. He says it needs to get out the door and into the hands-on landlords and renters quickly. The Department of Housing and Urban Development also applauded the CDC’s move. Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman released a statement saying in part “Secretary Fudge has given direction to HUD’s leadership to identify any and all of HUD’s authorities that will require landlords and owners who do business with HUD to prevent evictions, including accessing rent relief funds.”

Resources In Addition to The New Eviction Ban

Initially, the CDC put the eviction ban in place when jobs began to shift and many lost income. Similarly, the ban intended to help control the spread in homeless shelters and people living on the street. However, the ban also penalized landlords causing them to lose income as a result. Additionally, there are resources on the Federal and State level to help those struggling financially. Click here for a link to free rental assistance resources nationwide.



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