Revitalizing Neighborhoods with Affordable Housing

We are transforming communities, breathing new life into them, and redefining possibilities. Look at our preservation work on the 5th Court South cottages in Birmingham’s historic North Titusville neighborhood.

Preserving Existing Housing

Navigate not only prioritizes building new homes but also works to preserve existing housing in the North Titusville community. Along 5th Court South, our Community Development team embarked on an eight-month renovation project to restore 11 homes and one duplex in 2022. These properties were in poor condition, lacking basic amenities such as water and heat, and plagued by other health and safety issues.

Overcoming Challenges

The houses along 5th Court South presented significant challenges due to neglect by previous owners. Each unit had major livability issues, including water line leaks resulting in no water supply, sewage problems, lack of heat, deteriorated flooring and sheetrock, and hazardous wiring. While the framework of the homes was in good condition, the residents could no longer inhabit them.

Ensuring Safe and Clean Housing

During the renovations, our top priority was ensuring the families had safe and clean housing. To accomplish this, we provided temporary housing for the residents while the renovations were underway.

Ensuring Livable Conditions

“Families were paying to live somewhere that they may not be able to do something as simple as flush a toilet,” says CEO Lisa McCarroll. “Some literally did not have windows in their home. In the 21st Century, in an industrialized nation, no one should have to live like this.

We hired four different contractors to bring the homes up to Navigate’s quality standards, ensuring safe and comfortable living spaces for the residents.

Continuing Renovations and New Home Construction

In 2023, our efforts will continue as we plan to renovate three additional units along 5th Court South. Additionally, we will begin work on a new home at 55 5th Court. These projects aim to improve the housing quality in the North Titusville neighborhood.