Navigate now working with Titusville Development Corporation

Posted On: July 31, 2018

Dr. Ron Bayles, Titusville Development Corporation



Titusville Development Corporation injecting new life with a new collaboration

BIRMINGHAM, AL: Local non-profit Titusville Development Corporation (TDC) is collaborating with Navigate Affordable Housing Partners, another local non-profit, as well as Anderson Nikolich Design Initiative, LLC, an area architecture firm focused on neighborhood regeneration and sustainability, TDC is tackling revitalization one neighborhood at a time.

TDC’s focus is on creating ‘workforce’ housing, often called ‘the missing middle’ in housing. This type of housing bridges the gap between subsidized or low-rent housing and traditional owner-occupied homes that are out of reach to many working-class residents.

“What we have been seeing is tremendous growth in the City, but there is still a lack of quality housing that is affordable to middle-income residents. If we really want to see the City prosper and grow, we must focus on these missing housing types” says Ron Bayles, Director of the Titusville Development Corporation.

TDC’s initiative aims to:

  • Provide housing stock that will meet the needs of a variety of income levels
  • Assist existing residents who need grants or small loans for housing repair
  • Identify homes that require more extensive renovations
  • Provide new housing at a range of price points.

Working in communities that have suffered from systemic disinvestment is not without challenges. As communities suffer from blighting factors, the property values drop, and in many cases, the cost to build a new home exceeds the financeable purchase price of a prospective resident.

“If we are going to create a market that can support new construction, it is critical we have a holistic approach,” says Bayles. By working with local lenders, utility providers, employers, the City and other non-profits, TDC is looking to build a cooperative that will be a model for other communities in the future.

About TDC: Founded in 1984, the Titusville Development Corporation has a vision of maintaining, revitalizing and developing the Titusville Community.

About Navigate: Navigate is a nonprofit affordable housing provider based in Birmingham, Alabama, administering the Project-Based Section 8 housing program in four states.

About Design Initiative: Design Initiative is a local architecture firm focused on the planning and design of regionally specific design and development. Founded in 2007 by partners Kris Nikolich and Marshall Anderson, the firm has increasingly begun to focus on creating sustainable, affordable and livable communities as a catalyst to regenerate neighborhoods.


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