Modular Homes: The case for affordability

Posted On: June 7, 2021

It’s #ModularMonday! Navigate is working in the North Titusville neighborhood to revitalize the community and create new homeowners. Housing Affordability and Housing Choice are our goals. We believe modular homes are a solution to the affordable housing crisis. We can build more quality homes just as safe as traditional site-built homes in a shorter period.

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One question people ask is, “is modular housing safe?” The answer is, “yes.” Crews build these homes to the same or higher code as stick-built homes. Modular homes are safe and must meet home construction and safety standards to ensure they are strong, durable, safe, and of high quality overall. They must meet the federal safety standards, which check against design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal and electrical systems, and overall home quality. The HUD code seal of approval ensures that a modular home, like those in Titusville, meets regional standards for roof load, wind resistance, thermal efficiency, safety, and durability.

There are several reasons modular is an answer to the affordability and supply problem America now faces:

  • Modular homes must conform to the same local, state, and regional building codes as homes built on-site;
  • Banks treat the houses the same as homes built on-site. The owner can smoothly refinance;
  • Modular homes follow the same market trends as site-built houses;
  • Inspectors must structurally approve the modular build;
  • The structure can be of any size, although the block sections from which they have uniform size;
  • Modular homes are often more basic than homes built on-site, but they tend to be sturdier;
  • The units are highly customizable. The buyer usually decides design before construction has begun; and
  • It generally takes eight to 14 weeks to construct. Unlike a site-built home, builders can dig the foundation while the factory builds the house.

You can learn more about our plans to build modular homes in Birmingham at



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