Navigate Affordable Housing Partners’ community development continues in the North Titusville neighborhood of Birmingham. We believe modular construction is an answer to the housing affordability problem across the nation. Many still question the viability and safety of these type homes even though they continue to be an emerging trend across the globe. Below, you will find our answers to frequently asked questions about the process.

What kind of homes are Navigate building in Titusville?

As part of Navigate’s new Workforce Housing Initiative, we are working to place new modular homes in North Titusville.

What is a modular home?

Modular homes are high-quality, energy efficient affordable homes similar in look and feel to a traditional stick-built home. They are built section-by-section in a controlled setting and then assembled and built on-site at their forever lot.

What are the benefits to modular homes?

Modular homes are high-quality, affordable homes. They are energy efficient, so monthly expenses are significantly reduced. They are also environmentally friendly, can withstand extreme weather, and are customizable due to smart home technology.

Are modular homes and mobile homes the same?

No. Modular is a process, mobile is a product. The homes are made with the same high-quality building practices as traditional site-built homes but are more affordable due to building efficiencies. Modular homes are permanent homes and not moveable after assembly.

Is there a difference in the construction between modular homes and site-built homes?

There is almost no difference in the construction process for a modular home and a site-built home. The main difference is that modular buildings have a “head start” in the building process and are built off-site in a factory. They are then shipped in segments to the building site where they are assembled the same way that an old-fashioned home would be. They use the same materials and must pass the same regulations as traditional site-built homes.

Are modular homes safe?

Modular homes are extremely safe and must meet federal safety standards for design and construction, strength and durability, fire resistance, heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, roof load, wind resistance, thermal efficiency, and more.

Which smart home tech devices are being installed?

Our modular homes will come equipped with a security panel, smart thermostat, Amazon Dot, doorbell camera, smart door lock, three smart outlets, three smart light switches, five door and window sensors, and onboarding to introduce residents to the technology.

Is smart home technology safe?

Yes. Smart home devices can give you more control around the home’s safety. Devices Hoover, AL’s Chorus SmartSecure will be installing, will modernize and maximize the efficiency of the new homes. These devices are secure and include layers of protection to ward off hackers trying to get into the home. The installed systems can even send updates to a cellphone or computer in case of a potential threat, even if the residents aren’t home.

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