Modular Building Smarter: Live on 1st

Posted On: May 12, 2021

Chris Shirley

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners is working to build a better future in the Magic City. Navigate is partnering with Alabama Power to bring smart, energy-efficient homes to Birmingham’s Titusville community, which has suffered from blight for decades. How are we going to change that? It starts with a better way to build. Our organization is working to build three modular homes in the community later this year. Modular? Are we installing trailers? Absolutely not.

“We will build these homes applying modular construction methods and Alabama Power Smart Neighborhood home features,” says Navigate CEO Lisa McCarroll. “The result will be safe, high quality, energy-efficient homes that will reduce the cost of homeownership over time.” Modular homes have come a long way from its inception. Now, they are built using the same technology as site built homes. Tom Hardiman with the Modular Building Institute says “Modular isn’t a construction product; It’s a construction process.” Each home is built in sections, in a controlled environment, to ensure they are of the highest quality. So, why did we choose modular construction? Simply put, the efficiency of the building process will make these homes more affordable to the public without using inferior materials.

Furthermore, these modular homes are strong, durable, and safely secured to a permanent, non-removable base. These homes can also be built to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour. Alabama Power is also playing a big role in this project. The organization is bringing its smart neighborhood technology to this community including energy-efficient appliances and innovative security solutions. The technology in these homes will save owners more than $800 a year on utility bills. You have find more information on the live on 1st project here.


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