Manufactured Housing Key Focus for Carson

Posted On: February 5, 2020

Ebony Hall

Manufactured housing is now in focus for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson, and he was in Alabama last week. The visit is part of the Driving Affordable Housing Across America Bus Tour. While there, Secretary Carson toured Clayton Homes in Russellville which describes itself as a provider of “affordable homeownership.”

During this tour stop, Secretary Carson announced a new final rule on “on formaldehyde emissions for manufactured homes.” In addition, he also revealed a proposed rule that would revise federal standards in manufactured home construction and safety.

“The nation’s affordable housing crisis can’t be solved by one measure alone, but today we’re proposing changes that remove more of the red tape that stands between the production of safe, quality homes, and the nation’s families and individuals that need these homes to make homeownership a reality,” Carson said.

HUD’s proposed revisions include a number of things, in fact, home manufacturers have been asking for. For instance:

  • updates to modernize code provisions
  • allow for more optimal use of manufactured housing in urban areas, including Opportunity Zones
  •  additional requirements for the installation of carbon monoxide alarms or detectors
  • other provisions for homes designed for structures attached at the site, including garages and carports

Manufactured homes indeed make up about 10% of the nation’s single-family housing stock. Above all, over 22 million Americans live in manufactured housing, according to HUD.

It’s Not a Trailer.. anymore

manufactured housing

Today’s manufactured housing has a history that begins in the “automobile and recreational travel trailer industry.”

Many of us think of mobile homes when we hear the “manufactured housing” phrase. Today’s manufactured housing, however, does have a history that begins in the “automobile and recreational travel trailer industry.” However, according to the Prosperity Now Senior Director of Affordable Homeownership Doug Ryan, this type of housing is “more comparable in quality and safety to conventionally constructed single-family homes.”

Modern manufactured homes are built entirely in a factory and then transported to and installed on site.

Manufactured Housing more affordable?

Last month, the Census Bureau released the latest data from the Manufactured Housing Survey. The following numbers are for August 2019.

Average Sales Price$84,100
Total Shipped8600
Sold and Placed for Residential Use5800
Intended for Sale for Residential Use2800
For Non-Residential or Other UseLess than 50

In contrast, the average sales price of a new, single-family home in 2019 was $381,900, according to the Census Bureau.


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