The Relationship Manager (RM) position is responsible for conducting MORs and serves as a local and immediate point of contact for owners and management agents.

MORs are scheduled by the RM at least thirty (30) days in advance starting with a telephone call to determine a date and time convenient for both parties. In general:

Prior to the On-Site Review An Owner Will:

  • Receive a scheduling letter package that confirms the Review date and time, along with a checklist of items that may be submitted in advance of the Review in order to expedite the time on property
  • Be asked to notify residents (in writing), and on-site staff of the Review date and time should the reviewer wish to speak to them
  • Collect documents that will be reviewed while on site (e.g. EIV Rules of Behavior, work order journals and logs, etc.)

During the On-Site Review An Owner Can Expect:

  • To be asked for responses to questions on form HUD 9834
  • An evaluation of policies, procedures, and practices on the property
  • A review of active resident files to verify occupancy related factors such as eligibility and resident selection, income, and tenant rent
  • A review of move-out files to verify consistent processing and documentation
  • A review of rejected application files to ensure compliance with HUD guidance and the owner’s own policies and procedures
  • A review of the number of vacant units and their occupancy status
  • A review of deficiencies noted on the most recent REAC to determine the status of corrective actions taken
  • A review of EH&S deficiencies noted on the most recent REAC to verify mitigation

At the Close of the On-Site Review, An Owner Can Expect:

  • A MOR Exit Meeting to discuss the discrepancies identified during the on-site portion of the MOR
  • To be given the opportunity to provide additional information or documentation to resolve a discrepancy during the MOR Exit meeting so that it does not appear in the MOR report as a Finding
  • To receive a copy of the Exit Meeting form showing all of the discrepancies identified during the on-site portion of the MOR. The form will also denote which items were resolved by the owner/management agent during the Exit Meeting and those items that remain unresolved

Once the MOR is Complete, An Owner Will:

  • Receive a MOR report within thirty (30) days of the on-site Review that includes the Review results and a MOR rating
  • Be required to provide a complete response to any MOR Findings within thirty (30) days of the date on the report letter.
  • Be extended the opportunity to appeal an overall MOR score of Below Average or Unsatisfactory within thirty (30) calendar days of the report letter