When Navigate identifies deficiencies that require corrective action by the Owner/Agent, a finding is issued in the Management and Occupancy Review report.

Findings contain the following elements:

Criteria – Cites the regulation that applies to the finding.
Condition – Describes the deficiency found; the unit number and certification (if applicable) or the unit number and area (if it is a physical deficiency)
Cause – Describes why the deficiency occurred
Effect – Describes what did, or may have occurred as a result of the deficiency
Corrective Action – Indicates the steps the Owner/Agent must take to correct the deficiency, the documentation Navigate requires to confirm mitigation, and the date by which the documentation must be submitted to Navigate.

MOR Finding Response Requirements

  • Due 30 Days From The Date On The MOR
    Rating Letter
  • Must address all findings noted in the MOR
  • Must include documentation of mitigation
  • If the finding involves a correction to a HUD 50059, the correction must be made to the certification indicated in the finding.
  • It is helpful to prepare a cover letter that addresses each finding, and lists the documents attached that confirm mitigation of the finding.
  • You must perform all steps and provide all documentation requested in the Corrective Action for each finding.
  • If your response to a finding contains documents or actions other than what Navigate requested, explain your response in the cover letter.
  • If, while preparing your response, you need clarification or assistance in mitigating a finding, you may call Navigate for advice or help in completing the mitigation.
  • If you need additional time to prepare a complete response, contact your Navigate Relationship Manager or the CAC for your state.
  • If all findings are not addressed as requested the MOR will remain open until Navigate receives the required documentation to confirm all findings have been mitigated.
  • If the Owner does not respond to the MOR or does not submit all documentation required to close the MOR a referral to flag will be submitted to the HUD Office.