In the News: Local Media Spotlight on Navigate Revitalizing North Titusville

Posted On: June 15, 2023


Navigate’s pioneering project revitalizing Birmingham’s historic North Titusville neighborhood garnered the attention of multiple local news outlets. CBS 42, WVTM, Fox 6, and ABC 33/40 recently visited our construction site in the Goldwire Heights subdivision, highlighting our ongoing commitment to community revitalization and sustainable living.

Our CEO, Lisa McCarroll, had the opportunity to share our mission with both news outlets, emphasizing the transformative potential of energy-efficient housing. As part of our innovative approach, we’ve partnered with Extreme Panel Technologies to bring Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology to Birmingham.

McCarroll explained the importance of this technology, telling CBS 42, “Your floor, exterior walls, and roof are going to be those panels. That’s where you get your energy efficiency, your performance over time, and your green building. What that does for a family purchasing is: performance over time. Cost over time is lowered because it doesn’t cost as much to heat and cool, so it’s just better all the way around.”

The features highlighted the transformation of the North Titusville community, particularly the unfinished Goldwire Heights subdivision. McCarroll discussed the importance of revitalizing such areas, breathing new life into them, and the critical role sustainable housing initiatives play in this process.

The interest from the local news stations in our sustainable housing initiatives underlines the increasing importance of community development and sustainable living in societal discourse. Their coverage motivates us to continue driving community transformations and affirms the significance of our efforts.

Stay tuned for more ‘Navigate in the News’ updates as we continue our mission to create sustainable, energy-efficient communities.


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