What Fair Housing Tester Proposed Rule Means for You

Posted On: October 31, 2023

A New Inclusive Housing Landscape

HUD is shaking things up. They want to change the rules around fair housing testers, specifically those with prior criminal records. For anyone in the housing game, this is huge. It’s not just a rule change; it’s a mindset shift toward inclusive housing.

The Stats: Why Reentry Matters in Housing

Here’s a number to think about: 27% of formerly incarcerated people can’t find work. That’s according to the Prison Policy Initiative. Stable, inclusive housing is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and unemployment. And yes, fair housing testers will be paying close attention to how this plays out.

Expand Your Tenant Pool, Expand Your Mind

High vacancy rates got you down? An inclusive approach to tenant screening might be the answer. Plus, it aligns perfectly with the spirit of social justice. Fair housing testers will be on the lookout for inclusivity, and you should be, too.

The Art of Risk: New Ways to Evaluate

No more blanket bans based on criminal history. The times are changing and so should your tenant screening. Each application deserves its own assessment. That could mean looking at the type of conviction, how long ago it was, and any signs of rehabilitation. And yes, fair housing testers are going to keep you honest here.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Rules and Compliance in Inclusive Housing

With these proposed changes, you’ll need to keep your playbook up-to-date. That means tweaking your tenant selection policies and making sure your team is trained to follow them. Get this wrong and you’re looking at fines, not to mention some bad PR. Fair housing testers are like the referees in this scenario; they’ll flag you if you’re offside.

Beyond the Law: The Bigger Picture

Being caught in a legal mess is a headache, sure. But this new rule opens up opportunities to do good as well. Think of it as your chance to contribute to social change through inclusiveness in a meaningful way. Plus, when fair housing testers give you the green light, it’s also good for business.

Inclusive Housing: The Ball’s in Your Court

HUD’s new rule is shaking the table and creating opportunities for more inclusive housing practices. It’s your cue to step up and reconsider how you handle housing more equitably. This isn’t just bureaucracy; it’s an industry evolution, one where fair housing testers serve as both watchdogs and guides.

The public comments will remain open until December 29. This is a great opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in this crucial discussion. If approved, the rule will be a significant move towards achieving HUD’s goal and our shared vision of a fair and equal housing market, free from discrimination.

Update: Comment period extended into January 2024. Learn More.


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