Hurricane Ian Worsens Housing Crisis

Posted On: October 5, 2022

Chris Shirley, Marketing Specialist

Hurricane Ian will go down in history as one of the worst storms ever to strike the state of Florida. Early estimates predict Ian will also be one of America’s costliest storms decimating many of the sunshine state’s most densely populated communities. Furthermore, experts say it was hard to find affordable housing before the storm. They fear housing will become out of reach for many living on fixed incomes.

“It’s a tragedy for them and it’s also a tragedy for the entire community, which has already been suffering from not having people able to live where they work.”

Jamie Ross – CEO, Florida Housing Coalition

Jamie Ross with the Florida Housing Coalition says the state’s housing crisis began long before Hurricane Ian. Earlier this year, the coalition reported a statewide deficit of 500,000 homes needed for lower-to-middle income families.

Hurricane Ian Damage

Housing experts expect the sudden, widespread need for housing will drive up prices in an inflated real estate market. The Washington Post found homes not damaged by Hurricane Ian renting for as much as $5,000 in some communities. Meanwhile, in the hardest hit area of Fort Meyers, two-bedroom apartments average around $2,000 per month.

Again, many living in Southwest Florida are on fixed incomes, and rent that high is out of reach. Early estimates show thousands are homeless following the storm. Experts fear some of those who lost homes to Hurricane Ian might not find another. Grim prospects of rebuilding and high costs in the area will send some farther inland. Central Florida is currently experiencing some of the nation’s fastest growth. Experts fear that will further drive the ongoing housing crisis in Florida. Click here to calculate the view of Affordable Housing options in your area.

How you can help storm victims?

So often, when we see images of destruction, like what is happening in Florida, we immediately want to help those in need. Food, Water, and other essential needs are pouring in from all over. Leaders on the ground are accepting help from local organizations around the country. For those looking to help, monetary donations will help victims begin the recovery process. Below you will find a shortcut for donations the American Red Cross is collecting specifically for the victims of Hurricane Ian.

Help for Hurricane Ian Victims

The American Red Cross

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