Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors – A Guide for Housing Providers

Posted On: March 21, 2024

The recent “Housing Needs of Survivors of Human Trafficking Study” by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sheds light on a pivotal aspect of the recovery journey for survivors of human trafficking: housing. This first entry in our blog series underscores the indispensable role housing providers play in not only offering shelter but also in crafting pathways to stability and dignity for survivors.

Why Housing Providers Matter

Survivors of human trafficking often emerge from their ordeals with profound needs, chief among them being stable, safe housing. HUD’s findings illuminate the diverse challenges faced by survivors in accessing housing, highlighting the necessity for housing providers to adopt a nuanced, survivor-centric approach.

Building Trust and Tailoring Services

The foundation of effective support for survivors is trust. Housing providers are encouraged to establish partnerships with organizations experienced in working with survivors to foster an environment of understanding and empathy. By integrating trauma-informed care and ensuring services are accessible and equitable, providers can become pivotal in the survivors’ healing process.

Advocating for Resources and Flexibility

Given the stark gap between the demand for housing assistance and available resources, housing providers are also in a unique position to advocate for increased funding and flexible housing solutions that cater specifically to the needs of trafficking survivors.

Housing providers are at the forefront of offering not just a place to stay, but a chance for survivors to rebuild their lives. By understanding the unique challenges faced by survivors and adapting services to meet these needs, providers can make a significant impact.

Together, we can help all individuals, regardless of past traumas, have access to safe, stable, and supportive housing. For more insights and to access the full HUD report, visit HUD’s VAWA site.

Please read through our guide “Recognizing and Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors” below.

Recognizing and Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors by Navigate Affordable Housing Partners


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