HUD updates coronavirus Q&A

Posted On: March 25, 2020

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has updated the “resident health” section of the Multifamily Housing Coronavirus Q & A this week. Here’s a list of the latest changes:

How does a HUD-assisted property learn about a positive COVID-19 case impacting its residents, staff, or the community?

Owners/agents will learn about COVID-19 cases and activities in the community from their local health departments. They should communicate with their local health department if they are concerned that residents or staff might have COVID-19.

In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case at a HUD-assisted property, what steps should property owners and managers take to protect residents, staff, and the community? How should the owner/agent share this information?

MFH suggests property owners and agents follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and the direction of local health officials, especially in the event of property quarantine.

HUD recommends that owners/agents create communication plans for distributing timely and accurate information during an outbreak. First, they should identify everyone in their chain of communication (for example, staff, volunteers, key community partners and stakeholders, and clients) and establish systems for sharing information. After identifying this information, they should maintain up-to-date contact information for everyone in the chain of communication as well as identify platforms, such as a hotline, automated text messaging, and a website to help disseminate information to those inside and outside of their organizations.

Owners/agents can provide notification of positive COVID-19 cases without giving the name/apartment number/other personally-identifiable information to their residents and staff. HUD reminds them that they continue to remain subject to HIPAA and other privacy laws.

How would a HUD-assisted property owner/agent message to residents and staff when there is a positive COVID-19 case among their community?

CDC COVID-19 communication resources in both print and digital form are available at:

Does HUD have guidance on disinfecting common spaces and units, including how to protect our staff?

See these links from the CDC for recommendations on cleaning and disinfecting:
• Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations, which provides recommendations on the cleaning and disinfection of rooms or areas of those with suspected or with confirmed COVID-19 have visited: (
• Disinfecting Your Facility if Someone is Sick, which provides concise information on how to clean and disinfect facilities, from surfaces to electronics to laundry, in order to protect individuals from COVID-19.
(, which provides)


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