HUD makes Family Discrimination Charge; Emphasizes Stance on Fair Housing

Posted On: October 15, 2018

Last week, HUD put out a press release (HUD No. 18-114) that announced it is charging a Texas property of discriminatory practices. The charge is for threatening to fine a residing family because the family’s children played in the community designated area of the complex.

In detail, the fine that the property management charged to the family was NOT due to the children being unsupervised; because they WERE supervised. The fine was because the children were not supervised by “blood relatives.”

“Families shouldn’t be penalized for letting their kids be kids. Imposing different rules and restrictions on families because they have children is a violation of the Fair Housing Act and HUD is committed to ensuring that housing providers meet their obligations under the law.” –Anna Maria Farias

With this charge, HUD is emphasizing its strong stand on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. The Fair Housing Act turned 50 years old this past April. In recognition of this, HUD initiated a campaign with local communities, housing advocates, and fair housing organizations across the nation to spread awareness of fair housing rights.


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