HUD, Census Bureau Release Rental Housing Finance Stats

Posted On: June 4, 2020

Survey Finds Nearly Half of Rental Units are in Rental Properties with Four or Fewer Units

HUD and the Census Bureau released the findings from the Rental Housing Finance Survey (RHFS) on June 3rd. And of the nearly 48.2 million rental housing units, 49% of them are in rental housing properties of just 1-4 units.

About 86% of all rental properties contain only one rental unit and 97% of all rental properties have only one building (see Figure 1 below). Additionally, about 36% of all rental units are in properties with one rental unit, while about 30% of rental units are in properties with 150 or more rental units (see Figure 2 below). Here’s another statistic: about 72% of rental properties, representing 41% of all rental units, are owned by individual investors, and 16% of rental properties, with 37% of rental units, are owned by limited liability corporations or partnerships (see Figure 3 below). And about 22% of small rental properties (1-4 units) are managed professionally, while 94% of properties with 150 or more units are managed professionally (see Figure 4 below).

“Since 2012, the Rental Housing Finance Survey has been America’s premier source of data on rental housing finance and financial health… The new 2018 Rental Housing Finance Survey data will help the administration better understand the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the financial health of America’s rental property owners.” – Seth Appleton, HUD’s Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research

Rental Property Configuration

Ownership and Management

Other highlights from the RHFS in HUD’s release included statistics on Rental Income and Expenses, Property Purchase Value & Financing, and Capital Expenses & Improvements.

If you want to look at these numbers closer, the Census Bureau has made it easy to search any and all of the numbers/findings from the survey using the RHFS Table Creator tool on


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