“HQS inspections must be conducted within twelve months of the previous inspection” to ensure units receiving assistance are in compliance with HQS requirements.  Navigate conducts four types of inspections in a manner consistent with industry standards – initial, annual, special and re-inspection.

Prior to the HQS Inspection:

Both the landlord and head of household will receive a scheduling letter showing the date and timeframe of the inspection.

Landlords and residents will often use the scheduling letter as a reminder to review the unit, prior to the inspection, and address problems that could potentially fail the inspection.

During the HQS Inspection:

The inspector will arrive at the unit and identify his/her self to the landlord or head of household.  The inspector will have an ID badge showing their name and the Navigate logo.

The inspection will proceed with a review of the exterior and then interior of the unit

If the inspection is a re-inspection, then only the failed items will be reviewed.  

Because we value the time of residents, the inspector will promptly exit the  unit once the inspection is complete.

After the HQS Inspection:

The owner and resident will receive a rating letter and report showing the results of the inspection (pass or fail).

The letter will outline what steps, if any, are to be taken to complete the inspection process.