Housing Preservation in Titusville

Posted On: July 5, 2022

We believe housing preservation is important to community revitalization and affordability. According to Home for All, “preservation refers to retaining existing affordable housing, whether subsidized or market-rate, and protecting its affordability for current and future tenants.”

That’s what we are doing in North Titusville. In our 2021 Annual Report, People & Purpose, we look at this specific project in a case study. There were many challenges to our efforts to save these 12 units, made up of 11 cottages and one duplex.

Each unit had major livability issues, including a lack of heat and hazardous wiring. However, the frames of the units were in good shape. We knew housing preservation was the best option, not only for the neighborhood but for the residents living in the homes.

Navigate Communities has been working with four contractors to bring the homes up to livable quality. While they worked, Navigate paid for the residents’ temporary housing and utilities.

We expect the residents will be able to move back in before the end of July, and they are excited to return. We are excited, too. Affordable housing is essential. Quality housing is what we all deserve.



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