High Heating Bills: How to save this Winter

Posted On: November 29, 2022

Chris Shirley, Marketing Specialist

High heating bills are predicted for millions of Americans this Winter. The steep increases coming as inflation continues to drive record prices. As families look for ways to save, experts share cost-saving steps to cut down on the cost of heat.

“All signs point to a much more expensive winter.”

Mark Wolfe – National Energy Assistance Directors Association

Mark Wolfe, Director of National Energy Assistance Directors Association, says families “families are being squeezed.” He tells The New York Times, the estimated seasonal bill for natural gas, which about half of Americans use to heat their homes, is $900, up 25 percent from last winter. In New England, the costs are even higher. Wolfe’s seasonal estimate for the region is up 45 percent this winter, with the average household paying around $2,700. The news for those with electric heat is not better.

NPR reports US electricity rates are the highest in 41 years. Prices have jumped 15.8% in the last year, due to high-priced natural gas, which generates nearly 40% of America’s power. Again, record inflation is forcing many households to lost at cutting costs wherever possible. Furthermore, winterizing your property will likely help you save over the winter.

High Heating: How I can lower my bill?

Now is the time to winterize properties to help prevent high heating bills on your property. First, experts say you should schedule a professional checkup on your heating system. Second, advise maintenance staff to check for drafts. Experts say you can hold your hand in front of doors or windows to detect drafts. Adding insulation can help prevent drafts and contributing to high heating bills.

As for your thermostats, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommends a set temperature of 68 degrees while you are home and lower when you are awake or away from home. Additional resources are also available from ASHRAE for winterizing heating systems on property.

There are also resources available to those who ultimately can’t afford the cost of high heating bills. Most utilities offer budget or level billing plans that let users pay a flat rate over a given period. Many will also work with consumers behind on bills. Also, funding is available to help families struggling with the high costs this winter. You can learn more about the funding and submit an application here.


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