When you think of Hartford, CT, insurance might immediately come to mind. And for good reason—the city is often billed as the Insurance Capital of the World due to its impressive insurance population, with more than 100 insurance companies living within the city’s borders.

Another claim to fame for Hartford, CT comes from its status as the home for the well-known author Mark Twain. The man who penned Adventures of Huckleberry Finn lived in Hartford, CT for 17 years and completed his most famed work while living here. But another story about Hartford, CT shares less of the limelight in the public’s eye: economical housing. Navigate Affordable Housing Partners has taken significant steps toward community development by training local real estate professionals in the way of HUD compliance. This leads to communities that are stronger, because communication, fairness, and sustainability are key in the HUD mandate. Our goal here- and in other satellite locations- is to make sure residents have decent, safe, secure, sanitary and affordable housing.

Navigate’s Holistic Approach to Housing and Development

As a nonprofit, Navigate serves as housing consultants to agencies, and is also heavily involved in government contracting. At our core, we aim to invest long-term into communities, with housing as a centerpiece to this ongoing campaign.

Toward this end, we enlist a top-down approach to community development. As stated briefly before, we aim to foster community strengthening by means of working with property managers and real estate professionals. Our goal seeks to help them understand the impact providing fair, safe, and affordable housing can have not only on individuals, but communities as well. We hope the impact this HUD compliance will have on Hartford, will develop communities that will benefit not only tenants, but landlords as well.

What We Do For Hartford, CT

With us being housing consultants, part of what we do is link housing agencies to communities in need. But our Hartford, CT branch, in step with every other Navigate location, is one that wears many hats. Helmed by Christine Bishop, the Contract Administration Coordinator for Connecticut, the Hartford, CT team works on multiple fronts.

For one, the team processes Management and Occupancy Reviews (MOR) for HUD. Plus, as mentioned, our role as housing consultants comes out often. Our team can take questions concerning HUD compliance and occupancy as well. And the team doesn’t stop there: it also lends itself to the community, addressing resident complaints and concerns as they come up.

As part Navigate Gives Back, we have donated to organizations like United Way of Central and Northeast Connecticut for COVID-19 Response. NGB has also awarded more grants for rent and mortgage assistance to various Connecticut organizations.

Our Mission For Hartford, CT

The struggle to find housing that’s affordable is real for many, with even an apartment out of reach. The price of living in many places continues to shoot up, without much hope for reprieve. As housing consultants, we deal with multiple moving parts on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But our mission remains true all the same: offering quality, livable housing and helping to uplift communities and the people and businesses therein. We firmly believe living in an address that’s livable and sustainable changes lives. For more information about what we do, why we do it, and our full approach, check out our “About Us” section.