For those areas undergoing growth spurts, community development is a must. But, with all the moving parts development entails, it requires a holistic approach. One shiny new piece of architecture or art isn’t going to do a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Over time, however, systematic change can make a world of difference for a community—its perception, place, and prospects.

Navigate’s Approach and Services

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners sees community development through the lens of systematic, sustainable change. We work to provide sustainable development for communities by working with local real estate professionals, landlord, etc. This top down approach is sustainable and scalable in ways that allow Navigate to impact these communities on a large scale. Our goal is to help residents in Flowood have safe, clean, affordable housing and we are striving to help accomplish that through HUD compliance. If we can equip and train property owners and managers, we can be confident that they will not only have tenants who are happier and safer, but they will have a hand in developing healthy communities as well.

A Little About Our Flowood, MS Mission

As mentioned, growth calls for continued investment and development. Billed as one of the “fastest growing cities in Mississippi,” Flowood, MS is both prime for development, and in need of it. This Jackson, MS satellite community has seen growth, yet still sees its share of income restricted housing. That’s where Navigate Affordable Housing Partners comes in. We’re feet on the ground to help better this community for the future, with our guiding mission still at the forefront: affordable housing for all.

Putting cost-effective housing stakes in Flowood, MS is part of what Navigate’s groundwork has been. Housing choices can be limited for cash-strapped communities, which is why Navigate has tried to change the game in and around the housing industry.

What We Do In the Community

Specifically, Navigate’s Flowood, MS branch tackles resident complaints and concerns, along with keeping track of Management and Occupancy Reviews (MOR) for HUD. In that way, the branch serves multiple camps simultaneously—serving as a vital link between federal bureaucracy and local community. Led by Nate Greathree, the Contract Administration Coordinator for Mississippi, Navigate’s Flowood, MS office offers further assistance to residents as well. Navigate fields questions about compliance, concerns, as well as other housing-related issues, without residents having to wait for outside go-ahead.

With Navigate Gives Back, we are also helping local agencies move their missions forward. As part of our  COVID-19 Response, NGB donated $15,000 to the Mississippi Food Network and another $125,000 to the Salvation Army of Jackson to help families with rent and mortgage assistance.

Answering the Call

When looking for a house or apartment to buy or rent, cost can be a major hurdle for many. Navigate’s housing services and options, coupled with our guiding mission, tries to take away those barriers to housing and refine the housing industry back to manageable roots. And better housing access for everyone lends itself to community-wide benefits.

Helping to provide economical housing is a service that not only helps individual homeowners keep rent reasonable: it drives business to the area, a big help to local economies. In a cyclical fashion, this improves the chances for more people to plant roots, creating a more robust, diverse community.

Help Us Navigate

With locations across the country, Navigate Affordable Housing Partners is a nonprofit bent on helping uplift communities and create housing opportunities for them, no matter their zoning or zip codes. For more information about our history and services (in Mississippi as well as our other locations), navigate to our “About Us” page.