FHA Eviction Extension Granted for Borrowers

Posted On: July 30, 2021

Chris Shirley

The Federal moratorium on evictions will end on July 31, 2021. However, The Federal Housing Administration is extending the moratorium on its foreclosed borrowers and their occupants. This extension will last through September 30, 2021. The FHA Eviction Extension move comes after President Biden pledged federal agencies would use their authority to extend the pause on evictions through September. This announcement is good news specifically for those in federally insured, single-family properties.

This extension will allow these people more time to catch up on mortgages or make other housing arrangements. “We must continue to do everything within our authority to make sure that foreclosed borrowers who are impacted by the pandemic have the time and resources to secure safe and stable housing, whether it’s in their current homes, or by obtaining alternative housing options,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing Lopa P. Kolluri. “We don’t want to see any individuals or families displaced unnecessarily while trying to recover from the pandemic.”

FHA Eviction Extension: What do you do if you’re behind?

Anyone who is behind on an FHA mortgage should immediately do the following:

  • Borrowers behind on FHA mortgage payments should contact their provider
  • Borrowers can obtain a mortgage payment forbearance or a HECM extension
  • Those who need more information can contact a HUD approved counseling agency

As cases of the Delta variant continue to surge, President Biden urged Congress to extend the national moratorium. At this time, lawmakers are working on legislation for another extension. It is not clear if a deal will happen before the moratorium expires. If not, Millions of Americans face the possibility of eviction.

In addition to the FHA Eviction Extension, Navigate Affordable Housing Partners is working to help those still in need. We have compiled a list of free rental assistance resources available in every state. In addition to national resources, you will also find local resources working to help those in need.


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