Proactive Quality Control

Ninety-six percent of the vouchers Navigate processes are paid on time. Navigate has a successful track-record in Federal and State Contracting thanks to the “Triple-Check Advantage™.”

Check One

Navigate’s experienced Voucher Specialists manually input and review the information to ensure the data balances out.

Check Two

Navigate’s software automatically checks the data, ensuring all information is entered correctly to process voucher payments.

Check Three

Navigate’s superb Quality Control Team (QC) completes a final review.

QC will kick out any vouchers with discrepancies. This forces the tri-level checks and balances to restart. However, this is a rare occurrence. As previously stated, 96% of our vouchers are paid on time. Factors for the remaining four percent are entirely dependent on the property owner.

Navigate’s proactive approach to ongoing quality control has efficiently facilitated housing contracts’ continuing success and compliance.

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Frequently asked.

What is the deadline for voucher submission?

The deadline for transmitting vouchers (form HUD-52670) and all related TRACS files supporting the voucher is the 10th calendar day preceding the voucher payment month. For example, the TRACS transmission is due on January 10th for the February voucher.

What happens if vouchers are submitted after the deadline?

Vouchers submitted after the deadline may risk late payment. It’s crucial to adhere to the submission deadlines to ensure timely processing.

Are there any specific requirements for HUD-50059s/HUD-50059-As submissions?

Yes, HUD-50059s/HUD-50059-As should be submitted throughout the month as the completed data becomes available. It’s important that these forms supporting a voucher must be transmitted prior to the voucher transmission.

What properties do these guidelines apply to?

These guidelines apply to Section 8, Project Assistance Contracts (PAC), and Project Rental Assistance Contracts (PRAC) properties.

What is the significance of submitting on time?

Timely submission ensures that the voucher payments are processed without delays, thereby maintaining the financial stability of housing contracts and the well-being of the tenants.

Are there tools or resources available to help with the submission process?

Yes, property owners and agents can refer to the MAT User’s Guide and HUD’s TRACS documentation for detailed instructions and assistance with the submission process.

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