Navigate is the premiere, high-performing Performance-Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

What is a PBCA?

Performance-based contract administration is a pivotal part of HUD’s strategy to manage Section 8 project-based contracts efficiently. This work involves various start-up processes, management reviews, and compliance procedures, all aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of affordable housing programs.

What does Navigate do as a PBCA?

Navigate is responsible for several tasks.

  • Conducting on-site Management and Occupancy for each property in our portfolio
  • Adjusting contract rents
  • Reviewing, processing, and paying monthly vouchers submitted by property owners
  • Renewing HAP contracts with property owners
  • Responding to owner claims for property damage, unpaid rent, or extended vacancies
  • Navigating PBRA rules and regulations for owners and residents to ensure compliance
  • Responding to health and safety issues at the property

Ensuring Accurate and Efficient Use of Housing Subsidies

A key responsibility of a PBCA is safeguarding federal affordable housing funds by minimizing subsidy payment errors. This crucial oversight ensures that these valuable resources are utilized effectively and fulfill their intended purpose.

We responsibly process millions of taxpayer dollars annually for HUD thanks to the Triple Check Advantage®. Our accurate and timely payments ensure that subsidized rents are paid on time.

How can we help you?

You can access information and resources related to our PBCA work using the links below:

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