Bringing Our Values to Life

Navigate is committed to conducting its business according to the highest principles of honesty and fairness. This commitment to observing the utmost ethical standards is designed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions where we operate, to earn the continued trust of our personnel, customers and business partners. We expect our directors, employees and contractors to act with integrity and respect. And we expect them to uphold the highest ethical standards so that we maintain the trust of customers, government officials and the diverse communities that Navigate serves.

With these standards, Navigate employees are required to report legal or ethical concerns through the below established reporting channels.


The independent Ethical Compliance website and hotline allow employees to anonymously report concerns about the conduct of another Navigate employee. The Ethical Compliance website and hotline add to Navigate’s existing framework for maintaining ethical conduct and supporting organization-wide values. It simplifies the reporting of inquiries and complaints about Navigate’s ethical conduct by providing a single point of contact through a third-party, contracted service provider.

Please visit the Ethics Compliance website for steps to reporting an incident.

Concerns are always confidential, and if you choose, you may report your concern anonymously.


Retaliation against employees who raise concerns or questions about misconduct will not be tolerated. Concerns should be raised in good faith, which means you have made a genuine attempt to provide honest and accurate information, even if you are later proven to have been mistaken. Navigate reserves the right to discipline anyone who knowingly makes a false accusation or has acted improperly. However, if an employee voluntarily reports they were involved in a violation, self-reporting may be considered when determining the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.

The door is still open to file a complaint in person with our Director of Human Resources.