Eric Strong has served as our Chief Executive Officer since the Spring of 2004, and thus has over 12 years’ experience in directing and implementing our daily operations. He garnered much of this experience while we have served as PBCA in Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia and Connecticut. Additionally, Strong has spearheaded our expansion within the affordable housing sphere, including our entrance into affordable housing consulting, has provided him significant experience with oversight of rent subsidy programs. 

Strong earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration from the University of Alabama. He has received a number of honors and awards for his work in affordable housing management and administration.

He remains committed to serving the community.  Profits from Navigate’s PBCA contract have enabled Joint Venture Partners to allocate tens of millions of dollars to local affordable housing programs, local and national scholarship endowments for residents of affordable housing and new affordable housing development.  He established an annual contribution to the NAHMA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program.

Strong is also an administrative officer of the Housing Affordability Trust.  The Trust has been instrumental in the founding, funding and currently provide administrative services to one of the largest housing related charitable trusts in Alabama.