Disaster Assistance for Tornado Victims

Posted On: December 14, 2021

Chris Shirley
Tornado Ravaged Mayfield, Kentucky. Source: KFVS/Don Frazier

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers disaster assistance to victims of deadly tornadoes in Kentucky. Two weeks before the Christmas Holiday Season, violent storms killed more than 80 people in that state alone.

“I’ve got entire towns that are gone — that are just, I mean, gone. My dad’s hometown, half of it isn’t standing. It is hard to describe.”

Gov. Andy Beshear – Kentucky

Gov. Beshear also lost extended relatives in the deadly storm. Two of his uncle’s cousins were killed in the storm. Damage reports are early; however experts predict the tornado outbreak could be among the costliest in U.S history.

On December 12, President Joe Biden issued a major disaster declaration for Caldwell, Fulton, Graves, Hopkins, Marshall, Muhlenburg, Taylor, and Warren counties in Western Kentucky. Again, HUD is also offering disaster assistance for people in the impacted areas. In addition to disaster funds, HUD is:

  • providing immediate foreclosure relief in the areas declared a disaster
  • making mortgage insurance available
  • making insurance available for both mortgages and home repairs
  • sharing information on Housing Providers and HUD programs
  • providing flexibility to public housing agencies
  • providing HUD counselors to assist storm victims.

In addition, the agency is also assisting victims with housing discrimination claims during rebuilding efforts.

Disaster Assistance: How you can help

Furthermore, the need for disaster assistance extends well beyond Kentucky. Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Illinois all reported devastating damage. Storm Surveys are still underway for a number of reported tornadoes across the mid-south. Also, the holidays are rapidly approaching, and so many lost everything. People witnessing the destruction often look for ways to help storm victims from afar. Above all, Reputable organizations like The Red Cross and The Salvation Army give monetary donations straight to victims of the storms.

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