CPD HOTMA Guidance is out now

Posted On: December 19, 2023

Ebony Hall

HUD Exchange has posted an article this week on the CPD HOTMA Guidance. As you know, the announcement on extending the HOTMA Final Rule’s compliance date to January 1, 2025, significantly impacts Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs. This extension affects programs under HUD’s 24 CFR Part 5 income regulations.

Key Updates for CPD Grantees

  1. Transition Period: HUD acknowledges the complexities of implementing the HOTMA final rule. Due to the pending provision of detailed guidance and necessary software updates, CPD grantees may struggle to comply with the HOTMA final rule requirements immediately.
  2. Flexible Compliance Date: Recognizing these operational challenges, CPD grantees can set their own compliance dates within a specified window. This period ranges from as early as January 1, 2024, to no later than January 1, 2025.
  3. Continued Use of Prior Regulations: Until their chosen compliance date, CPD grantees may continue to implement the requirements of their program’s previous regulations, as well as regulations outlined in 24 CFR 5.603, 5.609, 5.611, and 5.617, as applicable.

CPD HOTMA Guidance

HOTMA Guidance for CPDs by Ebony Hall

What Does This Mean for Owner/Agents?

For owner agents involved in CPD programs, this extension offers additional time to align with the updated requirements. It’s essential to:

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check for HUD updates and guidance on implementing the HOTMA final rule.
  • Prepare for Transition: Review and modify your policies and procedures to incorporate the new requirements.
  • Update Systems: Ensure your software and systems are updated to reflect compliance and reporting requirements changes.

Accessing Further Information

For a comprehensive understanding of the HOTMA compliance date extension and its implications, CPD grantees and owner agents are encouraged to review the complete Federal Register notices. These documents provide in-depth guidance and detailed information essential for effectively navigating the changes brought by HOTMA. Staying informed through these official sources is crucial for ensuring compliance and aligning with the updated regulations.

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