This page contains a number of links to external HUD webpages, documents, and posts for both multifamily owner/agents and residents. You may also visit HUD’s coronavirus response page for information and resources for the homeless, public housing agencies, homeowners and more.

Residents & Rent Repayment Plans

Tenant Guidance: Rent Repayment Plans

Tens of millions of Americans are experiencing job loss, reduced hours, and reduced income due to the economic effects of COVID-19.

To mitigate the negative impacts of income loss, the federal government and state and local governments across the United States have imposed eviction moratoriums. The primary federal eviction moratorium for HUD-assisted housing mandated by the CARES Act expired on July 24, 2020. Even as this or other
federal moratoriums are lifted, state and local moratoriums may remain in place.

Engaging Landlords on Repayment Plans
If you are a tenant and have not been able to pay your rent since the COVID-19 pandemic began, here are some key things to keep in mind as you engage your landlord to establish a payment plan and stay housed.

Be Proactive in Communication and Establish a Repayment Plan that Works for You
The best connections to landlords are built on clear and transparent communication. Do not wait until the rent is due to let them know that you are experiencing challenges that impact your ability to pay rent. Say that you would like to talk with them about a repayment plan (examples below). As you begin working with your landlord
on a repayment plan, establish a plan that works for you and do not agree to payment amounts or schedules that you are unable to support. A potential script is attached on the next page. (Note: In most cases a landlord is not required to agree to a rent repayment plan.)

Sample Repayment Agreements:

Lean on Your Network and Believe in Your Strengths
Staying housed in a time of crisis is difficult and can stretch a lot of personal resources, not just your finances. When looking to set up a repayment plan, you might want to include someone from your personal network in that process. Take this time to stay positive and build on your strengths and assets.
HHS COVID Mental Health Resources:
CDC Mental Health Guidance:

Posts for Residents

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