Navigate’s Professional Services help you and your organization gain wisdom amidst the ever-changing environment of affordable housing. 

Core Competencies

  • Compliance: Navigate has a stacked lineup of “heavy-hitters” in regards to Compliance. These veterans of Affordable Housing give your company the security of tried and true wisdom and direction of how to comply with varying crises that arise from interpreting HUD regulations.
  • Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD): Need guidance with RAD? Navigate’s experts and issuers of Housing Choice Vouchers offer a breadth of knowledge as your agency transitions to a Multifamily Model.
  • Property ManagementWith its decades of experience around property management, Navigate’s prowess of housing management provides its clients with specific guidance and collaboration on how to deal with tenant disputes, Fair Housing issues and interpretations, subsidization hurdles, and any other struggles your business runs into with property management. 
  • Training: There is little to no puzzle that Navigate has not encountered in its long tenure as an affordable housing resource. Connect with us to see how we can train your staff in Multi-family Housing, Public Housing, Vouchers, or any other area of affordable housing. 

Clear Direction.. The Foundation for Success

Navigate’s extensive experience in these competencies will give you and your business a strong support and foundation from which to build upon and to further the success of your business. 

Clear direction is ultimately what we equip your business with through our Professional Services. To navigate your venture/business around the obstacles that are sure to come. 

Past and Current Clients: 

  • Pratt City –  City of Birmingham,  Birmingham, Alabama 
  • MassHousing,  Boston, Massachusetts 
  • HANAC,  Inc., New  York, New York 
  • Decatur  Housing Authority,  Decatur, Alabama 
  • Prichard  Housing Authority,  Prichard, Alabama 
  • Richmond  Redevelopment  and Housing Authority, Richmond, Virginia 
  • Opelika  Housing Authority,  Opelika, Alabama* 
  • Public  Housing Finance  Corporation of Alabama 
  • Housing  Affordability  Trust, Birmingham,  Alabama 
  • Jefferson  County Alabama  Department of Community  Development, Birmingham, Alabama