Quality Housing,
Long-term Affordability

Navigate Housing is focused on revitalizing Birmingham, Alabama’s North Titusville neighborhood through five exciting projects in the education, economy, and urban development sectors.

Holistic Approach

 We recognize the distinct needs of every community as a whole, while also understanding that communities are formed of individuals who have personal objectives and goals. That is why our approach is to provide custom, sustainable solutions that drive growth for our people and our city.


Stabilization is about the foundational efforts to remove the barriers to social and economic investment. Often this work focuses on the removal of blighting factors but can also include clearing clouded property titles.

Catalytic Redevelopment

Our goal is to improve the overall perception of a certain area in the minds of investors and local authorities in order to gain their support for future community development projects


When local investors understand that reinvesting in the economy of the city is paramount to achieving success for everyone involved, they not only become change agents themselves but also become pillars of their communities

More than construction

For Navigate, community development is more than adding new buildings to North Titusville.
We remain focused on three areas.

Navigate Gives Back - Helping hand concept.

Educational Development

Washington K-8

Since 2019, Navigate has partnered with Washington K-8. We started with an ACT Prep program for eighth-graders and have expanded funding to include extracurricular activities like the Math and Social Justice Teams, Athletics, and Band.

Birmingham Community Development


Marc Steel

The Marc Steel Property was developed in the late 1800s as a steel foundry. We plan on transforming the 6.5 acres into an economic hub for the community that will host a market for local vendors selling various types of food, arts, crafts, and more.


Community Revitalization

Live on 1st | Goldwire Heights | Fifth Court South

We’ve built three new state-of-the-art and quality homes in the North Titusville Neighborhood at Live on 1st.

We also plan to build five new homes in the Goldwire Heights subdivision and are currently upgrading 12 cottages along 5th Court South.


Live on 1st & the Titusville Community Framework Plan

Learn how the Live on 1st development fits into the plans the community had for North Titusville.

5th Court Renovations Coming Soon

Renovations to 12 existing homes in North Titusville have begun. Each of the homes needs critical repair.

Sneak Peek: Live on 1st Under Construction

This is a sneak peek of the homes at the www.Liveon1st.com site.