Combatting SOI Discrimination

Posted On: March 27, 2024

SOI discrimination is illegal, and HUD has launched a new website to combat source of income discrimination. The website provides a comprehensive resource for families using Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs). This initiative is a testament to HUD’s commitment to breaking down barriers to affordable housing. The move helps ensure that no individual or family is denied housing opportunities due to the source of their income.


What is SOI Discrimination?

SOI discrimination occurs when landlords, owners, and real estate brokers refuse housing to qualified tenants because they rely on HCVs or other public assistance to pay rent. This practice not only undermines the objective of housing assistance programs but also perpetuates a cycle of discrimination and inequality.

A One-Stop Resource

HUD’s Source of Income Protections website is a pivotal resource for tenants, landlords, housing authorities, and other stakeholders. It outlines what SOI discrimination entails and lists jurisdictions where it is prohibited. It also offers tools and resources for individuals who face such discrimination. This platform is designed to improve tenants’ leasing success by providing crucial information and support.

Aligning with the Blueprint for a Renter’s Bill of Rights

This initiative aligns with the Biden-Harris Administration’s Blueprint for a Renter’s Bill of Rights. It reflects a broader commitment to ensuring that lower-income families have access to safe, quality, and affordable housing. By addressing SOI discrimination head-on, HUD is paving the way for more inclusive housing policies. The policies recognize the dignity and rights of all individuals, regardless of their economic status.

The Impact of SOI Protections

Evidence suggests that SOI protections are effective in improving voucher utilization rates and expanding housing choices for voucher holders. Enforcing these protections is crucial in ensuring fair access to the rental market. It allows families to live in neighborhoods of their choice without facing discrimination.

A Call to Action Against SOI Discrimination

HUD’s new initiative is a call to action for local and state organizations to enforce SOI discrimination laws. They can utilize fair housing testing as a tool to eradicate housing discrimination. This proactive approach is essential in fostering a more inclusive and equitable housing market.

Source of Income Discrimination Testing


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