Broadband Benefit scam warning

Posted On: August 31, 2021

The FCC is warning consumers about an Emergency Broadband Benefit scam. The agency says “Wifi Freedom USA” is an imposter site that mimics the legitimate Emergency Broadband Benefit enrollment site,

Details of the broadband benefit scam

“This website falsely claimed to administer the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, including offering connected devices and services,” according to the consumer alert.

The FCC and USAC had the website disabled. They also had the known social media page removed. Law enforcement agencies are working to address this issue.

You can avoid being taken by any similar broadband benefit scam. The FCC “strongly advises” consumers to protect themselves. For instance, you should:

  • Firstly, only use the official Emergency Broadband Benefit website,;
  • in addition, contact participating providers directly. You should first verify that a provider is approved to participate in the program by visiting and searching by their state or territory;
  • finally, you can also apply by mail using a paper application.

The FCC says the “Wifi Freedom USA” broadband benefit scam falsely claimed it could provide free devices and services.

“Consumers may have also seen advertisements for WiFi Freedom USA’s website on social media platforms.”

If you or your residents have provided personal information in this broadband benefit scam, go to Also, if you paid “WiFi Freedom USA,” get in touch with your financial institution. There may be “remedies available to you.”

Moreover, you should also consider filing a “government imposter fraud” report. You can do that at and “get information about how to recover any money you paid.”

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