Empowering Communities

We believe in unlocking opportunities and transforming lives. That’s why this new construction at Live on 1st is one of our Affordable Housing Solutions.

affordable housing solutions

State-of-the-Art Modular Homes

Modern modular is one of the innovative, affordable housing solutions we employ to mass-produce housing affordability and meet the growing demand for sustainable, well-designed homes.

In 2022, Navigate Communities introduced three state-of-the-art modular homes to vacant lots in Birmingham’s historic North Titusville Neighborhood.

Designed by our architectural partner, Design Initiative, and factory-built by Franklin Homes, these homes exemplify the best of modern design and construction.

Affordable Housing Solutions

Long-Term Affordability

We believe in offering long-term affordability that goes beyond rent or mortgage costs. Our commitment lies in creating sustainable communities where residents can truly thrive. We strive to ensure that housing remains affordable for the foreseeable future.

affordable housing solutions

Energy Efficiency and Savings

We collaborated with Alabama Power Company’s (APC) SMART Neighborhood division to fill these homes with energy-efficient appliances and lighting. These smart features contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and empower our residents to save up to $900 annually on their energy costs.

Intelligent Features for Safety and Connectivity

As part of our dedication to resident well-being, we have incorporated intelligent features into the Live on 1st homes. In collaboration with APC and their partner, Chorus SmartSecure, we prioritize the safety and connectivity of our families. From smart doorbells to thermostats, our residents can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with these advanced technologies.

Pathway to Homeownership

In May 2022, residents had the opportunity to move into these exceptional homes under a lease-to-own agreement, providing them with a pathway to eventual homeownership. We are proud of our partnerships with the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama and Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham, who provided vital housing counseling services to support these families on their journey towards becoming proud homeowners. We eagerly anticipate the achievement of homeownership for all three families.